Please Support My Trip to Swaziland

swazikid-chc-001For the past few months I’ve been writing about my upcoming mission trip to Swaziland. I’ve prayed, researched the country, prayed, researched the organization we’ll be working with, prayed, attended team meetings, prayed, worked long hours in our church cafe to help raise the needed funds, prayed, and prayed. Now the time has come to raise up a support team. Yes, I need to send out a letter asking people to pray for me and to give financially toward the trip expenses.

Over the years, I’ve seen God provide in so many miraculous ways… why am I so nervous about raising support for myself? But I am. I think: how can I ask my friends for money? They won’t like me anymore. I think I’m imposing (I hate to impose). I think no one will even open the email or read the letter.

Yet, unless one is wealthy, part of going on a mission trip is raising support. I need to think: I’m giving my friends a chance to participate in what God is doing, without even leaving home. I’m giving them a chance to help AIDS orphans in Africa. I’m giving them a front row seat while God provides both resources and the ability to represent him to people in need. Yeah, it sounds a lot better when I put it that way.

So, here is a link to my Swazi support raising letter: Swazi support letter. And here is a link to the letter from our church, vouching for our trip and explaining how to give online (preferred—make sure you specify “Swaziland Missions October 2013” and my name, “Leslie Holzmann”), or where to mail a check: NLC Swazi donation letter (again, specify which trip and include my name in the check memo).

Please take a few minutes to look them over, while asking God if he wants you to be involved. Then do what he says. Thank you.
Photo: Children’s Hope Chest

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