About Me

If you’re wondering who is dishing out all this advice, well…

I ’ve been following Jesus since my freshman year in college. That was a very long time ago. My relationship with God affects everything I believe and everything I do. Hopefully, my blog reflects this Biblical worldview.

My husband and I live on 5 acres in Colorado, with Ponderosa pines and a field of weeds wildflowers. We got married in 1979, and we are still enthusiastically in love with each other. Pete works full-time leading a small non-profit ministry that combines his high-tech background with his life as a disciple of Jesus.

We have two wonderful daughters who both married totally great guys. We’ve been quite impressed with all four of them as they have taken on life’s challenges. Once in a while, they humor us and ask for our advice. We think they’re quite capable of making excellent decisions.

Since I’ve more or less worked myself out of my job as Mom, at least as a full-time position, I now spend my time watching birds, taking photographs, growing our large vegetable garden, dispensing advice as a Certified Colorado Gardener, hiking & camping, writing articles, teaching adult ed. classes, editing our local Audubon chapter’s newsletter and website, and coming alongside my aging dad. I also exercise, have a social life, and make random stabs at keeping the house somewhat clean and the laundry pile under control. Let’s just say I’m not bored.

You can read about my gardening and birding experiences at my other blog, Mountain Plover.

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