Come Away with Me

come-away-with-meHow much time have you spent alone with God lately? In the midst of our busy schedules, it’s easy to overlook His still, small voice calling out to us for attention. I know I find it extra hard to set aside a regular date with God when my calendar is full of camping trips, hikes, and other summer activities that disrupt my routine.

Sometimes, what we really need is a kick-start, a prolonged time to really quiet ourselves and listen. When Pete has been traveling a lot, we try to plan an overnight get-away aimed at reestablishing our connection with one another. It takes more than just an hour or two at a local restaurant. Longer absences need longer dates. It’s the same way with God. When we’re extra busy, that’s when we especially need to set aside time with Him.

When this idea of a “prayer retreat” was first mentioned to me, I was immediately filled with a bunch of questions. Where would I go? Should I go alone? How long would I need to stay? Should I fast? What would I possibly say to God for all that time? Wouldn’t I get bored?

Now that I’ve actually tried spending time alone with God, I wonder how I ever thought you could be bored hanging out with the creator of the universe! Somehow, eliminating the distractions of daily life also breaks through the seemingly impervious ceiling that sometimes gets in the way of truly communicating in prayer.

My good friend, Cynthia Hyle Bezek, has authored a book on prayer retreats that answers all my questions, and many more I hadn’t even thought to ask. Writing from her personal experience, she will inspire and motivate you to clear the calendar for a few days and come away with God.

Cynthia’s interview on prayer retreats was posted last May at Pray! Magazine’s Praying Pastor  Blog. You can order her book directly from NavPress, or other online bookstores.

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