Don’t be a sucker

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. You can find information on pretty much anything, from how to blow your nose (over 100,000 Google results!) to a life-sized photograph of a blue whale. And everyone knows that mixed with the fascinating facts and helpful tips is an tremendous pile of pure, er, nonsense.

I recently came across a website that might take the award for “most audacious” among the myriad of con artists trying to swindle suckers out of their cash. These guys should receive a Pulitzer prize for their skill at sounding scientific while spouting unbelievable quantities of double talk. doesn’t actually sell anything. Instead, they charge you for information on where to find a particular product or service. For example, for a $25 fee, they will direct you to a site that sells do-it-yourself plans so you can “Run Your Car/ Truck/ RV/ Motorcycle/ Airplane on Tap Water” or, even better, “Earn a Good Income Helping Others to Run Their Car on Water” (by creating websites like this one?)

Like most sites of this genre, they offer plenty of ways to (legally?) avoid paying taxes, “treat” an amazing array of health issues, and survive a coming economic Armageddon. Conspiracy theories abound. I was particularly delighted to read that since 1930, world leaders have been controlled by an “extraterrestrial presence.” That explains a lot.

Wearable Vitamins and Minerals that Last for Years” was my favorite product. I had no idea that you could “wear your vitamins and minerals instead of taking them orally.” They explain: “With light emission technology the light particles of the supplements are transferred energetically into your bio-field where they are absorbed directly into your cells….” Who could have known?

In a way, I feel bad about making fun of something that people obviously fall prey to. After all, we’re supposed to love our neighbors, not ridicule them. But exposing sites such as this serves a purpose. Perhaps a little fresh air will encourage the owners to explore other, more honest ways of making a living.

In any case, check out their site now. They may be gone by tomorrow.

Have you stumbled upon a website that can top this? Please share!

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