Birth Changes Everything

Today is my 200th post! That’s pretty amazing, a tribute to God’s faithfulness, and an unimaginable milestone when I first started this blog almost two years ago.

To celebrate, I’m taking the day off. Don’t worry, though. I won’t leave you with nothing to read. A wonderful person I know posted this on her birthday last year. I was so impressed, I asked to re-post it here, and she graciously granted permission. I hope we all take Jenny’s perspective to heart. Please check out her blog, “Life.Faith.Travel,” for more inspired writing.

It is my opinion that the day of one’s birthday is the single greatest day of importance in any individual’s year.  Perhaps that is a strong opinion, but what other day can you better acknowledge the value and importance of a person than on the day of their birth?

Think on this: the world changes because of someone’s existence. And if you know that someone, it changes your world.  Think of your closest friends or family members. Who would you be without them in your life? What would be different? How might your life perceptions vary? The simple notion that someone you know exists with purpose can change the whole way in which we celebrate the day of one’s birth: The biggest day of their life!

Make a big deal; embarrass them with your love and hullabaloo. Because it is on this day that many, despite the well wishes, cards, balloons or cake, can feel the most alone. It is this day, that many wonder what they are doing with their lives. Instead of jubilation-depression, doubt, longing, isolation. A day to reflect on a year past and wisdom gained, becomes a day to remember failures; time and dreams squandered.

People forget themselves. But you can remember: why they are here, what they have done, how they have changed your reality. And then you can speak it out loud or write it in a card.

Birth changes everything – not only for you, but for them. So celebrate life and celebrate it BIG! Show them how happy that birthday of theirs truly is.

Whatcha think about this?

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