Fifth Friday Fotos

Once again, we have a month with five Fridays, so it’s time for some fun photos. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are far too many overly cute animal pictures circulating, all with clever baby-talk captions. Instead of adding to the pile, I thought that I would let you exercise your brains a bit, and suggest some appropriate captions for some photos of my own:

Western Gull


Fox Squirrel

Grizzly Bears

Belted Kingfisher

Black-tailed Prairie Dog (just a wee bit overfed)

So, what are they saying? Captions anyone? (I need to start offering prizes for this sort of thing!)

One thought on “Fifth Friday Fotos

  1. Okay, so I’m really bad at captions, but I think the pictures are great captioning photos, so here’s a few to start the comments off…

    1) Hey – that’s MY pier you’re sitting on. Mine! Do you hear me? Mine! Mine!

    2) What do you mean, “The stick on the lollipop isn’t edible”? Oh wait, I think I have something stuck in my throat…
    Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike those giraffe treats you tourists feed us?

    3) Hey – cut a guy some slack. That mockingbird has been chasing me all day!

    4) ‘Cause I’m the mama bear! That’s why!

    5) Like my belt? Brown’s the new black – haven’t you heard?

    6) Move out of the way. My favorite show is on.

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