To put you in the mood for our scariest holiday, I thought I’d compile a list of scary photographs.

IRS tax forms are pretty scary!

Are you afraid of public humiliation?

Are you afraid of tunnels or other enclosed spaces?

Public speaking is one of the most commonly feared situations.

This Goliath Birdeater gives me the creeps!

Who wants to meet him in a dark alley?

We usually outgrow our fear of the dark.

As believers, we never have to fear death.

What are you afraid of?

2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Hi Leslie,

    It’s not a fear exactly, but I have a great aversion to being touched when I’m not expecting it. Or even when I am.

    For instance I cut my own hair to avoid being touched by a barber and I have to steel myself to let a nurse take my blood pressure. Odd?

    Thanks for the kind words you leave in my blog comment section. I appreciate your cheering me on when I get so discouraged.

    If you ever do want to try one of Stephen King’s books, I recommend “Desperation” or “The Stand”. Yes, these two contain lots of graphic gore (which he is famous for) but with an underlying worldview which borders on godly. I also admire his craftsmanship as a writer.

    The IVP edition of the book on prayer I sent is now out-of-print but there is a new edition titled “I’m Confused About Prayer” in my Bluefish Books Catalog–same book, different publishers.

    Dealing with publishers–now that’s something that scares me!

    John Cowart

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