Risk Your Comfort

‎The news items scroll down my screen: death, destruction, evil, hopeless. After years of war, starting from before the U.S. involvement and seemingly without end, Afghanistan has to be one of the darkest places on earth.

Yet, God loves the people of Afghanistan. He has not left them hopeless.

Morning Star Development has been working in this broken country since 1997—before 9/11 and before anyone had ever heard of a war on terror. Then, when other NGO’s were leaving, Morning Star not only stayed, but expanded.

A series of community centers form the basis for their involvement. Depending on location, they typically include a medical clinic and birthing center, recreational facilities, a computer center and classes, a library, English classes, agricultural development projects, business incubation, an FM radio station, and clean water. Additionally, Morning Star specifically seeks to alleviate the suffering of the Afghan women through education and leadership training. While there is a center in Kabul, most of the work is in rural locations, where the vast majority of the people live.

What it all boils down to is Morning Star is there to help, not only in the short term, but as long as it takes to see the country transformed and its people living with hope and joy.

You can read the details on their website. What I’d like to do here is encourage you to get involved. It’s not only about money, although there is always a need for more resources and I can promise you that finances are handled with wisdom and integrity. They also have a whole list of ways you can get involved personally.

Most short-term trips involve construction, working with children… things that pretty much anyone can help with. Along with construction works and child huggers, Morning Star is looking for people with broadcasting skills, sports enthusiasts, counselors, teachers, techies, radio broadcasting professionals, even farmers! If you ever wondered if your career experience can help overseas, this is a perfect opportunity.

Sure, Afghanistan isn’t on the tourist circuit. Travel there can be dangerous. If you want a vacation, go to Europe or Hawaii. But if you want to make a difference in the lives of hurting people, check out Morning Star Development.

Photo credits: Koldo Hormaza, WikiCommons

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