How to Pray for Terrorists

Last Friday I listed four ways we can do something to help the Christians in Iraq—stand in solidarity, write letters, give generously, and, most importantly, pray.  When I mentioned prayer, I gave some guidelines, including the need to pray for the ISIS Muslims who are deceived captives of the enemy.

In spite of my suggestion, I wasn’t sure exactly how to pray for them. Sure, we want them to stop what they’re doing and turn to Jesus. But what does that look like? Is it all right to pray that God clobbers them?I’ll admit, this is one time when I want my big, powerful, angry God to do some serious smiting!

Then I came across this blog post that neatly summarizes just what we should be asking God for, when we pray for our enemies. It’s even specifically aimed at praying for Al-Qaeda and ISIS.  I know I’ve stopped my Tuesday posts for the time being, but this was just too timely and appropriate to pass up. Please read:

3 Ways to Pray for Our Enemies

2 thoughts on “How to Pray for Terrorists

  1. I’ll add one to the three: I pray that Jesus in all His glory will knock them off their horses (proverbially speaking) as He did Saul on the road to Damascus. And that He would turn their lives around as He did Saul’s—to use all that zeal for His Kingdom. I guess that’s just a variant of the first one (Pray for their conversion) in the post you linked us to. But the image of God’s power and willingness to turn around that ancient terrorist, Saul, builds my faith that He can and will do it again.

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