Fifth Friday Fun: Getting Things Done

I was going to post this last Friday, but I got distracted…

FamilyCircus090201Having enjoyed my breakfast, I grabbed my mug of tea and headed for the bedroom to put the finishing touches on my outfit for the day. On the way past the living room, I noticed that I’d left the knitting loom, yarn, and finished hat on the couch, so I grabbed the loom and headed to my home office to pick out a new project.

Once in the office, I noticed that the plants needed watering, and the gecko’s food bowl lacked meal worms. So I headed back to the kitchen to get the tub of worms out of the refrigerator.

The kitchen was still cluttered from our pantry improvement project of the night before, so I put a few more items back onto the shelves, clearing a spot of counter—which had crumbs on it. Heading for the sink to wring out the counter wash rag, I noticed that I’d forgotten to plug in my phone last night.

I went into the bedroom to plug in the phone, and remembered that I needed earrings and shoes, so I made a detour into the closet and picked out earrings and a simple gold-colored chain and put them on. I was thirsty, and I realized that I was no longer holding my mug of hot tea, so I retraced my steps looking for it.

It was in the living room.

Seeing the yarn and hat still sitting on the couch, I remembered that I was going to pick out the yarn for the next hat, so I grabbed the leftover skein with my free hand.

Tea in one hand, yarn in the other, I wandered back into the kitchen to grab the meal worms. I had to put both items down on the counter to open the fridge and extract the tub.

I headed back to my office to feed Frito, my leopard gecko. She appreciated the offering.

I was thirsty again.

Right, I left my tea in the kitchen. I went back to get it, and put it in the microwave to reheat. Meanwhile, I returned the rest of the worms to the fridge, put a few more items back into the pantry, checked on tonight’s dinner to make sure it had defrosted overnight, and wiped up some more crumbs.

I actually remembered to get the tea when the microwave beeped. It was now too hot to drink, so I put it on the counter and grabbed a pitcher to water the plants.

Filling the pitcher, I headed back to my office, and doused the six Christmas cacti, one orchid, and one begonia I had crowded around the windows. I brought the pitcher back to the kitchen, and grabbed my tea again.

It was just right.

Wondering what was on the calendar for today, I headed back to my office to see. While on my computer, I brought up my pic-a-pix game for the day (they only give you one a day, which keeps me from getting too addicted). I happily filled in the squares, but something was fluttering around in the back of my mind, poking at my brain. There was something else I was going to do while I was in here…

Oh yeah! Write a blog post!

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