One View on Immigration

heli_manI’m married to a man who loves the truth. It shows in his deep commitment to God. It pops up in his appreciation of civil but “vigorous” discussion. And it definitely appears in his penchant for researching and analyzing complex problems, be they technical or social. He has a compulsion to dig in and uncover the facts on any controversial issue, rather than simply going along with whatever hype the news media is currently pushing.

Of course, facts are always subject to interpretation. But one thing I appreciate about Pete’s approach is that he tries to separate the two—making a distinction between what is known to be true, and his opinion about it all.

Thus, if you want to know what the Bible says about women in ministry, talk to Pete. If you’re wondering about Anthropogenic Global Warming (aka human-caused climate change), talk to Pete. And if you want to know the truth about the USA’s immigration policies—yup, talk to Pete. Or, in this last case, click on this link to his Mr. Pete blog. He’s laid out the results of his research, including case studies gleaned from a missionary friend of ours, and then summarized his own conclusions (while inviting you to draw your own). I think he did a terrific job, but it’s much too long to post here. That’s why I’m sending you there.

USA Immigration Policy and Practice—
What Needs Reform?

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