Book Review: Secondhand Jesus

packiam-book-coverYou’ve got to read this book!

Over and over, I started writing a review of Secondhand Jesus, by Glenn Packiam. And every time I deleted what I’d written and started over. Nothing I can say comes even close to doing justice with all that he’s got packed into this one volume.

Then, happily, Glenn gave the sermon at our church on July 5. Naturally, his talk was based on his book, just released last month by David C. Cook Publishers. (I reviewed his first book, Butterfly in Brazil, in June.) Now I don’t have to write a review. You can listen to Glenn yourself.

A video of the sermon is at the New Life Church website.

When you’re done listening, do yourself a huge favor, get your own copy, and read the entire book. You’ll see that that’s just the beginning.