Saving Daylight

Here’s a friendly reminder in case you usually sleep through it—daylight saving time starts this weekend. Yup, it’s time for bags under the eyes, sleepy drivers, and excessive caffeine consumption.

In honor of our lost hour of sleep, I did a little research and came across a now-famous prank at the Museum of Hoaxes website. (If you’re unfamiliar with this site, I highly recommend checking it out!) Maybe it’s a mistake to change our clocks so close to April Fool’s Day.

With a circulation hovering around 1,200 subscribers, The Eldorado (Illinois) Daily Journal is one of the smallest daily newspapers in the United States. However, in 1984 managing editor Bob Ellis managed to play a prank that fooled an awful lot of people.

In an article that was printed on April 1 of that year, a contest was announced to see who could save the most daylight before the clocks were set back again in the fall.

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