Thrills and Chills

Humming with intensity and blindsided twists, Eyes Wide Open is raw adrenaline from the first page to the last—pure escapism packed with inescapable truth. Not all is as it seems. Or is it? Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Literally.

eyes wide openSound like something you’d like to read? I took the above blurb from best-selling author Ted Dekker’s website, as it perfectly describes his latest book. I know. I read the first installment (Identity) on the long drive across Texas, on our way home last week. Now I am slowly tearing my hair out, anticipating what will come next. Identity is available as a free e-book, so I foolishly downloaded it, assuming our library would have the rest of the story. Our library failed me.

I should know better than to start reading a book when I don’t yet have the sequels. I really should have known better, considering this comes from Ted Dekker. I’ve read plenty of his books and there is absolutely no way you’re going to put one down until you’ve consumed every last word. Saying Dekker writes exciting books is like saying the Broncos are an adequate football team.

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Read This: Torches of Joy

Torches of Joy coverThe church has always sent missionaries—believers who God tapped on the shoulder and sent to other cultures to share the gospel. When we hear of their great deeds, the amazing way God used them to bring the gospel to hard places, we realize that God can use us, too.

For example, I’ve read fascinating biographies of both Hudson Taylor (1832 – 1905) and Gladys Aylward (1902 – 1970), each a missionary to China. There are at least two books—Shadow of the Almighty and Through Gates of Splendor—about Jim Elliot (1927 – 1956), who gave died at the hands of the Auca Indians of South America. And there are several engrossing biographies about Amy Charmichael (1867- 1951), who started an orphanage and mission station in India, and whose life inspired Jim Elliot’s widow, Elisabeth.

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