Mountaintops and Valleys


This is the view from our house. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? That’s Pikes Peak on the right, at 14,110 feet elevation. We live in Colorado, a state famous for its Fourteeners (peaks surpassing 14,000 feet).

Conquering such a mountain is exhilarating. All the effort you expended in the ascent is a small price to pay for being on top. The view is incredible. From such lofty heights, you gain a sense of perspective on the minutiae of daily life. Your senses are full—the wind blowing your hair and drying the perspiration from your skin, the eerie quiet, perhaps dispelled by the piping call of a marmot, the smell of rocks and dust. Unfiltered sunlight glares in your eyes. You gasp for breath in the thin air.

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