Read That, Not This

I spent yesterday working through my to-do list, trying to check off what I really need to accomplish before everyone arrives next week for Thanksgiving. One of the items at the top of the list was “write Friday’s blog post.”

I didn’t get it done.

Then my good friend Cynthia posted two back-to-back blogs that are much better than anything I would have come up with. So I’m sending you to her blog, while I take a much-needed break (and clean the house, buy a turkey, catch up on the laundry, edit a book, post-process about 200 photos, water the houseplants, pay the bills…).

First read this.

And then read this.

See you Tuesday.

Read This

I don’t normally borrow material from other blogs, but this article by my friend Cynthia Bezek is too good to miss. I can’t re-post it here, since it’s copyrighted by NavPress, but I can send you to her site.

So click on over to “Let’s Talk” and be blessed by what Cynthia wrote about God’s answers to prayer. As her title states, there is An Alternative to “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait”!

Then read some of her previous posts. I think you’ll agree that her blog is well worth subscribing to.