Sprouting a Harvest

The calendar says it’s spring, but here in Colorado, the snowflakes are still flying. Even if we could plant outside, crops take time to grow. It may be way too soon for homegrown tomatoes, but in less than a week you can have fresh crunchy greens for your salad and sandwiches. How? Homegrown sprouts are easy to produce right there on your kitchen counter.

Alfalfa sprouts have been popular for decades, and are a good place to start, but there are many other options. Clover sprouts are delicious, reminding you of spring. Mung bean and lentil sprouts may be eaten raw or added to stir-frys. Broccoli and radish seeds have a decided zing to them, while onions will wake up your taste buds. Among the grains, wheat berries and rye are your best choices.

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