Should I Marry You?

2a6t1253Are you in love? In a serious relationship? Considering marriage? Dreams of white dresses and romantic honeymoons are plenty distracting. But don’t let your hormones run your life. It pays to work through some hard issues before making any permanent decisions.

I strongly recommend premarital counseling. It has been proven to increase both your marital happiness and the strength of your commitment to one another.[1] But in addition to meeting with a pastor or taking a class at church, try investing some time working things through on your own.

Plenty of books, workbooks, and articles are available to give you a reality check on your connubial dreams. John Piper has written an outstanding list of questions to consider. I was so impressed, I had to post a link to it.

Working through this list will give you plenty to talk about and consider. Even after thirty years of wedded bliss (well, mostly), Pete and I still discuss many of these issues. Pick one or two and make an evening out of it. Sure beats watching reruns on the talking box.

[1]Journal of Family Psychology

2 thoughts on “Should I Marry You?

  1. Love the picture 🙂 Also… great advice!! We really enjoyed our counseling before we got married, and I’d highly recommend it to everyone!

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