Cheapest Fill-ups for Your Gas Tank

Your gas tank is sitting on empty, and it’s time to fill ’er up on your way to work. But with prices changing daily, which local gas station has the cheapest gas today?

Bgasbuddy_logoefore you hop in the car, check out It’s a simple website that lists many (unfortunately not all) of your local gas stations, and gives the current prices. You can search by city, state, or zip code. As I write this in early October, our local prices range from $2.03 to $2.45/gallon. Considering we usually put around 12 gallons into our Subaru’s tank (we try not to let it get too low), that’s a potential savings of over $5—nothing to sneeze at.

If you’re out and about, you can also access GasBuddy on your cell phone.

There’s more to the GasBuddy website than just gas prices. Just for starters, you can report gas prices for stations you drive by, estimate gas costs for an upcoming road trip, and enter to win a $250 prepaid gas card. There’s even an online forum where you can share your opinion on any topic, including car mats and oil leaks, ethanol, or even the daily news. Who knew that filling the gas tank could be so interesting?

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