Eagle’s Flight

I recently added Eagle’s Flight to my blog roll (see the column to the left). Maybe you didn’t notice. Today I’d like to introduce Clark, and let him tell about his blog in his own words.

Pete and I have known Clark for years—since our college days. He’s one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met. He also has an amazing way of stringing words together into blank verse. I have a hard time reading poetry—he manages to do an exceptional job of writing it.

I’m so glad that Clark is willing to share his work with us. You can read each poem as he posts it to his blog, or wait and purchase them all together in his soon-to-be-published new book, Eagle’s Flight. Meanwhile, his first volume, The Walk of the Eagle, is available from Amazon, and no, I’m not getting a percentage of sales.

Here is the preface from Eagle’s Flight:

I’m a Jesus follower. For years I went to church because my family did. It was how I grew up, learning the stories, being part of the church, and yet, not completely part. I went to a different school than most of the other kids. I thought differently than most of the other kids (still do, some say). And there came a time when I found myself, grown up, with a wife and kids of my own, still in church, still listening to the same stories. And I was listening to someone pray during a Sunday service, and I started to wonder if God actually answers all these prayers put up Sunday after Sunday, and I put myself in God’s place that Sunday to see if I could figure out what the answer would look like. And I saw that day, that many times when we pray, we don’t really ask for anything, its more like we’re protecting ourselves from the disappointment of God not actually listening to us. And I decided that day, to find out if God was still in the business of answering my prayers, and if he wasn’t, I told him that he should look for another job, because this one wasn’t working out.

That was a new beginning for me in learning to listen, and in learning to ask. As I did so, God not only answered my prayers (sometimes by saying, “you’re asking the wrong question”), but he also began to make me promises that I’m still walking out.

In my first book, “The Walk of the Eagle”, I was working through the gift of these promises and what they might mean, and wondering when I would be receiving the promised gifts (some of which I was terrified of).

In this my second book, I have been walking into the promises for some years, and have received some, and understand others better. I’ve moved beyond fear in most cases and await the full completion of the promises as my preparation to receive them seems to be coming to a close.

This then is a book about my experience with God’s preparations and shaping work to bring about in me, what he’s promised. So, come walk with me a bit if you will, and see where similar shaping work is going on with you. Perhaps we can share insights, and encourage one another in this spiritual growing up.

Welcome to the journey.

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