Are You a Bible-Believing Christian?

Which parts of the Bible do you believe?

As good Evangelicals, we like to say, “All of it!” We believe the Bible to be the inerrant, holy word of God, and we “take it literally”—it means what it says. How often do we hear someone say something along the lines of,  “We can’t be picking and choosing which verses God really meant.”

Yet, we do that all the time.

You’ve probably heard of A.J. Jacobs’ book, The Year of Living Biblically.  (If you haven’t read it, please do—it’s a fun book and I recommend it.) Then there’s Rachel Held Evans’ A Year of Biblical Womanhood. I have not yet read that one yet, although I intend to. Both of these authors point out that we don’t really do everything God says to do in the Bible. Most of the time, we don’t even try.

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A Bible Quiz

How well do you know your Bible?

After reading an article (on CNN’s “Belief Blog”) entitled “Actually, that’s not in the Bible,” I thought it would be fun to put together a little quiz. How much do we know about what the Bible really says? The answers are at the end, but no peeking until you’ve finished the test.

True or False

According to the Bible…

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Eagle’s Flight

I recently added Eagle’s Flight to my blog roll (see the column to the left). Maybe you didn’t notice. Today I’d like to introduce Clark, and let him tell about his blog in his own words.

Pete and I have known Clark for years—since our college days. He’s one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met. He also has an amazing way of stringing words together into blank verse. I have a hard time reading poetry—he manages to do an exceptional job of writing it.

I’m so glad that Clark is willing to share his work with us. You can read each poem as he posts it to his blog, or wait and purchase them all together in his soon-to-be-published new book, Eagle’s Flight. Meanwhile, his first volume, The Walk of the Eagle, is available from Amazon, and no, I’m not getting a percentage of sales.

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