A Not-So-Extreme Makeover

While the rest of you have been taking it easy over the weekend, Pete (providing technical expertise) and I (providing “motivation”) have been busy. You’ll notice that a number of things have changed here.

Most obvious is the new look, courtesy of a new WordPress theme. (No, I’m not savvy enough to create this sort of thing for myself. Yet.) My Compost blog finally has a look in keeping with its name! We’re still working out some bugs—for example, my “Unreached People of the Day” feature is currently missing, and if you dig into my archives, you might notice blanks where photos should be—but things should be up to speed very soon.

Less obvious, depending on how you arrived here, is that the actual URL is now http://compost-blog.com. That’s because we’ve moved. Instead of hosting Compost on our own computer, it’s now on the official WordPress site. The result? Pete is no longer responsible for keeping me going, much to his relief! If you’ve been accessing Compost via blogs.icta.net, you should be automatically forward to the new address.

Finally, I’ve been blogging here for almost three years, and I’ve covered a pretty broad range of topics. So, I’m curious—what interests you the most? Any requests? I love to interact with you and your ideas. What do you wish I’d touch upon in the coming months?

3 thoughts on “A Not-So-Extreme Makeover

  1. I love food! Give me some more post about foods and recipe. I’d love to have the nutrition fact on each recipe you post. Just please put the vitamin and many nutrition stuff include. You can skip the calories and fat info lol!
    It’s good to have you better 🙂

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