Garden Hacks? Hah!

Pinterest garden hacks

Pinterest is a wonderful source of information. Some of it is even true.

I enjoy browsing Pinterest. I’ve discovered delicious recipes (check out these amazing pork chops with pear chutney!). I’ve gathered ideas that making grandparenting more fun. I love seeing what my adult daughters have pinned recently.

I just don’t believe everything I see there.

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Heartfelt Conversations

wp-image-935707011jpg.jpgWhat says Valentine’s Day better than a box of conversation hearts? I have happy childhood memories of opening my sack lunch and finding a box of candy with sayings such as “BE COOL,” “TRUE LOVE,” and of course, “I ♥ YOU.” My friends and I would share giggles over “MARRY ME” and “FIRST KISS,” and assumed that “PUPPY LOVE” affirmed our affinity for young dogs.

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… after a while, crocodile

Common Death Adder. Tiger Snake. Taipan. Eastern Brown Snake. Belcher’s Sea Snake. Out of the ten most venomous snakes in the world, half are found in Australia. And how about the dangerous Australian snakes that didn’t make it into the Top Ten, like the Spotted Brown Snake, Mulga Snake (aka King Brown Snake or Pilbara Cobra), Red-bellied Black Snake, Collett’s Snake, or Highland Copperhead? It seems that Australia has far more than its fair share of dangerous snakes.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie—Do They?

correlation chartDo any of these conclusions sound familiar? They’ve all appeared in the news at one time.

  • Children living near power lines have higher rates of leukemia; therefore, the electric field around the lines causes cancer.
  • Because the number of children diagnosed with autism has climbed at the same rate that the number of children receiving vaccines, we can conclude that vaccines cause autism.
  • The rise in global temperatures at the end of the 20th century is due to the increased use of fossil fuels in that same period.

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Surviving an Election

I normally cringe when an election year approaches. I don’t enjoy politics. Self-promotion annoys me. I’m a “don’t rock the boat” kind of person, and elections are all about boat rocking. But of all the elections I’ve endured since I was old enough to vote (back when the redwoods were young), none have descended to the level of this one. What ever happened to thoughtful, respectful discourse?

It’s not the candidates—it’s their supporters.

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A Cat-astrophe

I am not a crazy cat lady. I do not have upwards of 30 cats roaming around, shedding, shredding, or hacking up undigested slimy fur balls.

1965Feb - Leslie & ScrappyHowever, I am a cat person. That is, I like cats. I prefer them to dogs, although I like dogs well enough. I grew up an only child with a succession of feline siblings. I’d spend hours scritching around the ears and under their chin, feeding them, grooming them, snuggling with them every night. I even wore them (right).

As a college student away from home and cat, I chafed at the dorm rules prohibiting pets. Pete and I and picked out an abandoned ball of fur at the pound the day after we moved into our first house. We’ve had at least one (and as many as three) cat(s) ever since—35 years’ worth of cats—until this past year when our last cat passed away at the ripe old age of nineteen. Between moving into a pristine, un-furred house (with new, odorless carpet) and the discovery that Pete is allergic, a cat is no longer an option.

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