Come See My Photos!

Lake Agnes_COStateForestSP_LAH_8222 p_filt 24 x 36 gallery wrapI am ridiculously excited. Mission Coffee Roasters and Cafe, offering the best coffee in Colorado Springs (and maybe the world), is hosting my photographs from now through the end of April. There are over a dozen prints of all sizes, from an 8-inch square framed portrait of a Flamingo to huge, 2 by 3-foot gallery wraps of some of my favorite landscapes. They’re all on display, and they’re all for sale.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, please come see my show. Mission Coffee is at 11641 Ridgeline Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921, just off Voyager at the far north end of town. They’re open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day except Sunday. 5x15 Pronghorn_LAH_9507-3x1_fil-rel

Colorado Columbine_YankeeBoyBasin-CO_4741 11 x 14Even if your walls are already full, you can pass the word along. While you’re there, have a meal, or at least a cup of coffee, and see if you don’t agree that their coffee is incredible. I think so—and I don’t normally like coffee! If you live elsewhere, you’ll miss my show (check out my work online at, but you can still enjoy their coffee. They sell it online as well as at their cafe. This is a company you want to support. Here’s why:

Mission Coffee doesn’t just make and sell an excellent drink. As they explain on their website—

Mission Coffee Roasters was started to financially support Christian missionaries, missionaries-in-training, and other Christ-based ministries through the sale of fresh roasted coffee. We have over twenty years of experience with specialty coffee (started in the coffee trade in 1991). Our passion for quality developed while working for the Diedrich Family with three generations in the trade. They grew coffee in Guatemala, manufacture roasting equipment, and operated coffee houses throughout the Western United States. We spent five years working with them and are grateful for the knowledge and love of coffee they imparted (from 1991 to 1996). We are dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest coffee possible at a fair price while helping to extend Christ’s love to the nations.

Mission Coffee Roasters … really good coffee with a mission.

SalmonCreekParkWA 20x30 wrap

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