Stop. Pray. Listen.

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Today is Good Friday. If there was ever a time I want to spend with God, it would be today. This is the day when I want to post something deep and truly significant. Something that brings us into the presence of the Father. Something that points to Jesus, His sacrifice, His love.

Why then is that so hard?

I easily write about gardening and birding. I share recipes and other miscellaneous helpful information, and it flows from my fingertips into the keyboard and up onto the screen. I can even take something I’m learning from reading my Bible and share it with you.

But somehow, I can’t share God. I can’t wrap Him up into phrases and bullet points and stick Him into a short essay.

He doesn’t fit.

I was reading Facebook at breakfast this morning when I came across a post that explained my frustration. I can’t say it better than Rachel does:

It occurs to me—and perhaps this is stupidly obvious—that I can’t take in, meditate on, and begin to grasp an understanding of aspects of God at the rate I’m taking in and growing in understanding of everything else in my world. The age of information has made us impatient, full of stimuli, and flooded with useless facts.

I (obviously) cannot simply spend a day or a week learning about 1 facet of God’s character, read everything about it until I know it all, then move on. Deeper understanding comes from time spent with Him, slowing down, being still, and reflecting on the ways I’ve watched Him move in my life. Even then, I’ve got a LONG way to go, as my mind will never ever fully understand an infinite being, no matter how I may try.

If someone could make the age of information stop, and let the pace of life slow to simplicity, that would be great.

On this most holy day, I urge you to put down the phone, shut down the computer, and go spend time with God. Read His word. Pray. Meditate. Journal. Give Him space. Let Him in.

May you find this a very blessed Easter.

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