How to Pray for 31 Days

Untitled-1Can you spare a little time to pray? Can you dedicate the next 31 days to seeing God be glorified all around the world, in every nation, among every people? This 31 day prayer guide will tell you everything you need to know to pray effectively for just that.

When Jesus told his disciples to go make more disciples (you can read his Great Commission in Matthew Matthew 28:16-20), He told them to go to every nation. The world translated nation is actually ethne, from which we get the word ethnic. I like the Wycliffe translation: “Therefore go ye, and teach all folks…” We call them people groups—a group of people with the same cultural identity, separated from other groups with different cultural identities because of their differences—languages, customs, socio-economic status, caste, or even a physical or political barrier such as a mountain range or closed border.

When a particular people group hears the gospel and responds, the new church will spread within that group until it runs up against one or more of these cultural boundaries. But neighboring people groups won’t hear the gospel unless someone crosses that cultural boundary, bringing the good news with them.

We call people groups without a church an “unreached” people group. By “without a church” we mean that less than 2% of the people in these groups are Evangelical, and less than 5% Christian of any kind.

One fourth of the world—almost two billion people—live in what we call Frontier People Groups— a subset of all unreached people groups. Frontier People Groups are less than 0.1% Christian of any kind. And of those nearly two billion people, half live in the 31 largest Frontier People Groups.

Now, a group of individuals and ministries has joined together to produce a short booklet introducing one Frontier People Group per day, with enough information about them to guide your prayers for 31 days:

The Thirty-one Largest Frontier People Groups

Click on the link and review the PDF. Then join me in asking God to glorify Himself among each of these strategic peoples. As God answers our prayers for movements in which the families of these groups receive God’s blessing in Jesus, these largest groups will in turn influence many smaller people groups to also welcome God’s blessing.

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession.”
Psalm 2:8

Whatcha think about this?

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