When Not to Pray

phonegodI don’t have to pray about that!

Have you ever heard someone explain that they didn’t need to ask God about a particular situation? Perhaps you’ve been that person—so confident that you already know God’s will that you don’t need to confirm it? There seems to be an agreement in the church that some things are so obvious, we don’t need to check in with God about them.

I suppose you could make a case for instances where God’s will is clearly stated in the Bible. We probably don’t need to ask Him whether or not we should murder that annoying neighbor, for example. Nor do we need to pray about if we should cheat on our spouse.

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What Does God Care About That?

Does God care what color shirt I wear? I hear that question often. Usually it’s rhetorical… the person asking assumes that God could care less about what color shirt they’re wearing. God has more important things to do… run the universe for example, than worry about what color clothes I pick out.

And I suppose that, for the most part, they’re right. Not that God is “too busy” to care about the details of our lives, but that He really doesn’t care too much which color shirt we pick that morning. Usually.

But what if He did care? Would we notice?

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