Why I Doesn’t Uses Grammar Checker

I do a lot of writing, mostly in Microsoft Word—the software I love to hate. The built-in spell check can be helpful, catching typos for me as I write.  (It can’t catch a “word-o,” however, which means that any remaining mistakes can be potentially pretty funny—or embarrassing.)

Then there’s the grammar checker. Who invented this thing? What were they thinking? I know English is a difficult language, but the checker doesn’t just stumble over exceptions to the rules. It mutilates perfectly acceptable prose. Continue reading

Do You Rite Good?

I saw this posted (as written) on Facebook a while ago:

ok this may be a little harsh but I really don’t care….why do foriners look at us with a dumb ass look on thier face when we don’t understand what they are saying….hello you are in America at least make an effort to learn our language I mean come on your welcome here but don’t make us feel like ass’ becuase your to F$%king lazy to learn english. Sorry everyone just had to get that off my chest.

waist-511Hmmm. My first thought was that this person is being a bit hypocritical—clearly they haven’t learned English either! And in my experience, usually the situation is reversed, with American tourists rude and frustrated that English isn’t spoken in other countries.

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