Dry Cleaned

I’ve been cleaning out some old files lately. In the process, I came across some letters we sent to supporters back in 1995. One contained this little story that Pete told about a lesson he learned during his six week trip to South Korea (for a global conference on world evangelization). Re-reading it made me laugh all over again. I hope you enjoy it too.

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How to Fold a T-Shirt

Does anyone really like doing laundry? Not me, no way. Hauling the dirty clothes downstairs, sorting (Pete doesn’t appreciate pink underwear), putting it all into the machine (thank you God for a washing machine!), schlepping it over to the dryer, and later rushing back downstairs to grab things before they wrinkle enough to need ironing (Ironing? What’s that?)—definitely not my favorite way to spend time.

My least favorite laundry chore is emptying the dryer and folding the clean clothes. I already washed them—they’re clean!—you mean there’s more? (I also hate putting away clean dishes.) And (in my mind) the most annoying clothes to fold are t-shirts.

Mostly, we hang t-shirts up in the closet. Hanging tends to stretch the neck a bit, but it’s so much easier, it’s worth it. However, Pete’s undershirts would take up too much closet space, so they get folded up and shoved into a drawer.

Folding undershirts has become a bit less tedious since Pete found this video on YouTube: How to Fold a T-Shirt in 2 Seconds. You still need to unstick the shirt from itself and get it more or less neatly laid out, and that’s still a pain. But then you’re home free. Try it—it works.