Just Believe?

“Just believe! It’s that simple.” I’ve heard this comment so many times. Is that really all it takes to become a Christian? Is simple belief all the assurance we need that we’re heading for heaven?

Some parts of the Bible clearly support a “yes” answer to these questions. Here are a few verses (out of many possible examples):

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Loving God

I felt like a failure. All around me, people were praying, weeping, wailing—overcome with love for God. I sat like a stone. Sure, I wanted to love God. I tried to love God. But never in my almost 40 years of being a believer have I ever felt the overwhelming emotion of those surrounding me at the prayer conference I was attending. Dry eyes, dry thoughts—there must be something wrong with my faith.

After all, I usually feel quite emotional when my thoughts turn to my husband. Sure, we have our moments, but overall I’m even more in love with him now, after 30+ years of marriage, than I was the day we said our vows. Why couldn’t I summon those same emotions for God?

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Lord of the Election

Today is election day. First, if you haven’t yet voted, please do so—now. Voting is important, even more important than reading my blog. Really.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah…

Today is election day. By tonight, or tomorrow morning, the voting will be over and we’ll know who is president. (Hopefully, a clear winner will be decided, and this won’t drag on any longer than it has to.) We may or may not like the result. Still, no matter which candidate wins, I’m going to get up tomorrow with a smile on my face. Here’s why.

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