In Praise of Mothers

Mother’s Day. It started as an effort to reunite the North and South after the Civil War, led in large part by a woman named Ann Reeves Jarvis. She organized picnics and other opportunities for mothers from both sides of the conflict to come together in friendship and peace.

Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, “never had children of her own, but the 1905 death of her own mother inspired her to organize the first Mother’s Day observances in 1908.” Her focus was on appreciating one’s own mother, not mothers in general (hence the careful placement of the apostrophe).*

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A Mother’s Day for Everyone

Karin Teri Leslie in kitchen 081_filteredThis Sunday we’re all supposed to celebrate mothers. On the surface it seems like a great idea. After all, we all have or had a mother. When you think about the daily sacrifice that goes into raising a child, setting aside one day a year to express our appreciation and thankfulness seems inadequate, the very least we can do.

But for many of us, the idea of motherhood isn’t that simple. As Facebook recognizes, relationships are sometimes complicated. Life is messy.

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What I Want for Mother’s Day

The ads began the day after Easter… buy this dress/sweater/necklace/perfume for Mom, or else she’ll think you don’t love her. Take her out to dinner. Bring her flowers. Bring her candy. Mom deserves it. Mom expects it.

Well, this Mom doesn’t! I don’t expect any of that. In order to relieve some stress from my wonderful kids, I thought I’d tell you what I really want for Mother’s Day.

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