Tidbit Tuesday: Happy Birthday, USA!

july4thShould Christians be patriotic? I’ve read dozens of articles on this controversial topic over the past few years, with devoted believers with sound reasoning weighing in on both sides. I admit to getting frustrated when I go to church around July 4 and it’s all about the USA instead of all about Jesus. On the other hand, this is the country in which God has placed us. Shouldn’t we care about it?

Christianity Today magazine recently posted what I consider to be an excellent explanation of why it’s fine to be patriotic, as long as your nation doesn’t become an idol. Do you agree? You can read their editorial and decide for yourself.

You Have God’s Blessing to Say ‘God Bless America’

Model Citizens

This Monday, the U.S. celebrates its 240th birthday. We’ll celebrate with barbecued favorites, outdoor games (sack races anyone?), and of course fireworks.  And while I enjoy a good picnic and fireworks as much as anyone, I just can’t seem drum up any enthusiasm for Independence Day this year.

Maybe it’s the election. I will vote for a major candidate, but I’m going to hold my nose while I do so. Maybe it’s the overwhelmingly negative reports on my news feeds—unending terrorist attacks, a distressing decision by the Supreme Court, injustice, corruption at so many levels. Taking a serious look at our country, it’s hard to feel very patriotic.

Thankfully, God never asked us to be a patriot.

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