Tuesday Tidbits

Seen in a park in Columbus, Ohio:


I don’t know who you were, Michael James Hullhorst, but I suspect I would have liked you.


Tidbit Tuesday: Happy Birthday, USA!

july4thShould Christians be patriotic? I’ve read dozens of articles on this controversial topic over the past few years, with devoted believers with sound reasoning weighing in on both sides. I admit to getting frustrated when I go to church around July 4 and it’s all about the USA instead of all about Jesus. On the other hand, this is the country in which God has placed us. Shouldn’t we care about it?

Christianity Today magazine recently posted what I consider to be an excellent explanation of why it’s fine to be patriotic, as long as your nation doesn’t become an idol. Do you agree? You can read their editorial and decide for yourself.

You Have God’s Blessing to Say ‘God Bless America’

Healthy Alternatives?

I was shopping at my local supermarket when I came across this display of gluten-free baked goods. In case you can’t read the pink lettering, it reads “Healthy Alternatives.” Really?

gluten free healthy hahaHere’s a better view of what they’re selling:

gluten free healthy haha 1The thing is, there’s nothing healthy about this stuff. These pies, cakes, and cookies might not contain gluten, but you can be sure they’re full of sugar and butter (or shortening).

Moreover, many gluten-free flour replacements are worse for you than flour*. Sure, they’re a God-send if you truly can’t handle gluten and still want an occasional treat. But if your goal is merely to eat healthier, look elsewhere (such as in the produce section). Corn starch, white rice flour, potato starch, etc. all cause a precipitous rise in your blood sugar. Can you say “diabetes”?

* According to a glycemic index chart, white flour has a glycemic index of 85, the same as cornstarch. Potato starch is 90 while rice flour is 95. (Pure glucose is 100.) They’re all bad for you!

Tidbit Tuesdays

I keep coming across interesting little tidbits—bumper stickers, sentences in articles that I’m reading, comments on Facebook, and the like—that are like little peepholes into our culture. While they’re not substantial enough to base an entire post on, I think they’re worth sharing. Many times, like the proverbial frog in hot water, we don’t notice that things have changed until it’s suddenly obvious, and often too late.

I thought it would be fun to post these little items on Tuesdays. I don’t promise to be consistent. It’s just now I’ll have a place for these thought-provoking insights into the way we now think. I promise I am not making these up!

With all that said, here’s my first tidbit, seen on a bumper sticker in our local Walmart parking lot. As I drove home after seeing this, I wondered how an elementary school child could own  a car, and presumably drive it to Walmart. Or maybe this refers to the teacher?

“I displayed positive habits of mind at [name of] elementary school.”

I guess the search for new but dubious ways to bolster self-esteem continues unabated.