Cell Phone Study Scare

This week I have a guest post from my wonderful husband, Pete. Not only did I start a new job last week (and was thus rather distracted), we had a house guest arrive mid-week. So much for my good intentions. Besides, Pete is very good at researching matters of science, so you will benefit!In this case, a headline in our news feed caught our attention:

“Cellphone radiation linked to tumors in male rats”

Really? If so, this is a matter of grave concern. We all use cell phones! But as we read further, something didn’t seem quite right. I’ll let Pete take it from here.

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Jigsaw Conversation

Leslie finishing 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle_DSCF0628Ah, Christmas. We’ve looked forward to it all year. There’s a crackling fire in the fireplace while snow softly carpets the ground outside. Stockings are hung, presents are wrapped, cookies are baked. Carols play quietly in the background while the succulent turkey browns in the oven. Best of all, the family is gathered together, perhaps for the first time all year.

And everyone is staring at their smart phone.

Not quite the family moment you’d envisioned? I have the perfect solution. It costs under $20 (sometimes half that), requires no batteries, and is guaranteed to bring the family together around the table. No, It’s not the turkey. It’s a jigsaw puzzle.

Did I mention some assembly is required?

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