Tidbit Tuesdays

I keep coming across interesting little tidbits—bumper stickers, sentences in articles that I’m reading, comments on Facebook, and the like—that are like little peepholes into our culture. While they’re not substantial enough to base an entire post on, I think they’re worth sharing. Many times, like the proverbial frog in hot water, we don’t notice that things have changed until it’s suddenly obvious, and often too late.

I thought it would be fun to post these little items on Tuesdays. I don’t promise to be consistent. It’s just now I’ll have a place for these thought-provoking insights into the way we now think. I promise I am not making these up!

With all that said, here’s my first tidbit, seen on a bumper sticker in our local Walmart parking lot. As I drove home after seeing this, I wondered how an elementary school child could own  a car, and presumably drive it to Walmart. Or maybe this refers to the teacher?

“I displayed positive habits of mind at [name of] elementary school.”

I guess the search for new but dubious ways to bolster self-esteem continues unabated.