For the Introverts

This post is for all the introverts out there.

I know a lot about being an introvert. That’s because I am one. Hanging out at home has been no hardship. On nice days, I may venture outside to enjoy nature—by myself. And frigid, snowy days such as today? Give me a cup of tea, a warm blanket, and a good book. I’ll take my socialization vicariously as I turn the pages. Yes, social distancing is made for introverts.

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How Not to Go Stir-crazy

I’ve appreciated those who have shared how they are coping while we’re all socially isolating. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my own little list. Maybe it will help someone else get through the weeks ahead.

The calendar may say spring, but it’s still winter in Colorado. We had a lot of wind and several inches of snow yesterday, and today we’re still in the low 20’s at lunchtime. I’d love to do some gardening, go for a walk, or even better, go for a hike in the mountains, but I’m not that much of a masochist. Therefore, all these suggestions can apply indoors.

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