One-stop Christmas Shopping

You’re going to hate me. I’m already done with my Christmas shopping, and I had fun doing it! Since most of my shopping was done online, it was inevitable that I’d stumble across some totally cool items, something that would make the perfect gift—or at least stun the recipient.  Unfortunately, none of them were quite right for anyone on my list. Since these finds are just too good to ignore, I’m passing them along to you. Who knows, maybe one of these is just what you’ve been looking for!

bana leaf decalBanana Leaves Fresh (1 Lb) Bag 16oz Banana Leaves. I had no idea that you could buy banana leaves. Apparently, they’re an essential part of cooking and/or serving food in India, the Philippines, and other tropical locales. If you don’t want the real thing, you can get paper imitations. In fact, you can even get fake banana leaves with fake food on them (as illustrated here)! Where would you stick this banana leaf decal? If you get the real leaves, it would probably be a good idea to accompany them with an appropriate ethnic cookbook.

I’m discovering yet another joy of grandparenting. We’ve teased our daughters about buying their kids drums and trumpets, but then I found something even more exciting!

ant farmUncle Milton – 33 Giant Ant Farm. Build your own insect civilization at home! Experience this fascinating timeless classic for the first time or all over again and get a peek into the amazing underground world of the ant with this extra large Ant Farm. Includes order form to receive live ants by mail. Great fun for ages 6 and up!

We will definitely be getting this for our grandkids when they get a bit older. Our kids have been warned.

wall phoneCrosley 302 Wall Phone Corded phone – Black – Single-line operation. The Crosley 302 Phone returns to the wall in this Henry Dreyfuss tribute. … This unified and balanced form replaced the awkward and ungainly shapes of earlier models. Would you believe Dreyfuss actually used measurements from over 2000 faces to determine the distance between the average mouth and ear? The Crosley 302 Wall Phone features the nostalgic rotary dial but actually functions with push button technology. No more waiting for that rotary dial to make its excruciating slow rotation. [Good, because modern telephone systems can’t handle rotary dials.]

I am actually old enough to remember using these dinosaurs. You were tethered to the phone, trying to end a conversation while dinner burned, the kids fought, and the toilet overflowed. There’s a reason cordless phones were invented! Still, I’m sure there are some nostalgia buffs out there who would love on of these. Someone on your list perhaps?

On the other hand, you could give them a banana…

banana handsetThe Banana Phone Handset – Telephone handset. The Banana Phone Headset from Big Mouth Toys is a blast from the past item. Combining modern technology with the childhood classic joke of talking in to you banana, you … will go bananas over the Banana Phone Handset. It works with most cell phones, and even many office phones.

mustachesOn a different note, personal grooming items are quite popular. Instead of buying that same old perfume or after shave, here’s something a bit… different.

Stylish Mustaches by Accoutrements. This seven-piece collection of Stylish Mustaches allows you to have a dashing new look each day of the week. Made of lifelike synthetic hair and backed with adhesive tape, these little lip-rugs can dramatically change your image. Seven fake mustache different styles.

Just think, your guy can be macho all day, then peel off the bristles before he kisses you. Or maybe I should buy these for my daughters? Talk about a “new look”!

I also have two granddaughters (and a third on the way); maybe they’d like this:

passifyer mustacheJailbreak Mustachifier – The Cowboy Mustache Pacifier. The Mustache Pacifier will bring the handlebar mustache back in style! Made from baby-grade silicone and nontoxic plastic, this funny pacifier keeps infants quiet, provides laughter for the lucky parents, and comes with a handy storage shell. Babies will gain an innate appreciation for their facial hair trends. Everyone is happy when the Mustachifier is equipped!

I was about to walk away from the computer when one more gift caught my eye. I have a very good friend who really likes carrots. You think I should get her this?

carrotAdult Carrot Costume. With this Adult Carrot Costume , you’ll be one healthy costume! Featuring a curvy carrot suit and a fabulous green scarf to mimic the sprout, this Carrot Costume goes great with any rabbit or vegetable costume! One size fits most.

I love giving gifts to my friends and family, but I’m glad I’ve checked “Christmas shopping” off my to-do list. Maybe I’ve helped you to do the same?

Disclaimer: I have not checked out these websites for either good service or best value. Let the buyer beware.

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