GothicValley-GunnisonNF-CO_LAH_5549May is one of our busiest months. Everything seems to happen at once. I love to go birding, and here in Colorado, May is the peak of spring migration. It’s also the month when my garden wakes up. I can’t wait to get my fingers back into the soil, sowing seeds outdoors, setting out started seedlings, and pulling the weeds that have been sleeping all winter. At the same time, work continues, bills must be paid, clothes still get dirty, and we still get hungry.

With our schedules full, Pete and I had been communicating in sound bites. “Heading to the store, need anything?” “Can you stop at the bank for me?” “Don’t forget, tonight is our small group meeting.” We hadn’t had a real conversation in weeks. We really needed some quality time. Happily, we’d scheduled just that—back in January.

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A Bit of Romantic Encouragement

As our anthropologist daughter likes to point out, the world is full of fascinating cultures. Some tattoo their bodies, other pierce their noses, and still others hang large earrings in their ear lobes (ours seems to do all of the above). Some are completely vegetarian while others survive solely on animal products. But one trait they all have in common is some version of courtship and marriage.

As I’m sure you know, Valentine’s Day is almost here. Last year during the week leading up to this most romantic of holidays, I wrote two blog posts—one for singles, and one for those in a relationship. This year I thought I’d offer some encouragement to those of you who are interested in someone but need a little inspiration on what to do next.

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Happy New Year’s Eve… or is it?

as_janus_rostrum_okretu_ciachIt’s New Year’s Eve. I know I should be excited about this (and I am definitely looking forward to a friend’s party tonight), but I’ve always struggled to find meaning in this particular holiday.

It’s not like we’re celebrating a specific event—like the 4th of July or the resurrection. We’re not celebrating a honored person—such as George Washington, or St. Valentine. We’re not even marking an astronomical event. The winter solstice was ten days ago on December 21.

Rather, our celebration is based purely on the calendar being what it is. So, why do we celebrate January 1 as the start of a new year?

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Be a Tourist!

1987 SD Black Hills 156Summer weather is finally here, and it’s time for some fun. After last week’s post about leaving your comfort zone, here are some suggestions to motivate you to pack your bags.

As a California kid riding along in the back seat of our family station wagon, I’d often see cars with bumper stickers advertising the Trees of Mystery, with its huge statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox plunked down in the middle of the redwoods. Other signs beckoned you to visit the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, where the law of gravity has been repealed.

As I got older, I regularly drove from my home in Silicon Valley to my parent’s house south of LA. A major milestone along the way was the Casa de Fruita, with its prolific billboards advertising a can’t-miss opportunity to enjoy a variety of dried fruit. Over the years, the place expanded, adding the Casa de Restaurant, Casa De Gas (and Casa de Diesel), Casa De Diner, Casa De Vino , and the Casa De RV Park. Apparently, there is now a Casa De Petting Zoo, complete with a Casa De Cow, Casa De Buffalo and Casa De Camel. Unbelievable. Located along Hwy. 152 south of San Jose (near Hollister), the parking lot is always full of out-of-state license plates and tour buses. Clearly the owners have a good thing going.

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30 Ideas for Dating your Mate

“What do you want to do?”

“I dunno… what do you want to do?”

It was our monthly “Date Day” but we were completely clueless as to how to spend the time. All the articles and books on keeping a marriage healthy seem to give the same advice: date your spouse. Most go further and recommend a schedule: an evening once a week, a day once a month, and a weekend once a season. That’s all very well and good, but what does one do on those dates?

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