Our Full Potential

Be all you can be! The Army isn’t the only one who urges us to reach our full potential; the church has picked up on it as well. As a friend of ours is recently told us, “My passion is helping people reach their potential, all God created them to be!”

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Losing the Culture War

I read a lot of articles about religion, and Christianity in particular. Even if I don’t read every word, skimming the various headlines helps me to grasp how faith is fairing in our culture. As you might guess, God isn’t very popular at the moment.

Among those touting tolerance as the highest form of morality, the one exception is tolerance of Christianity. For a while it has been fun and “cool” to make fun of Christians, and the snarkier you are, the better. Now the articles have gotten incredibly insultingly, in-your-face rude. Reading them, I feel spit upon, ridiculed, and dismissed into obscurity with a smirk. Continue reading

Sharing the Perfect Life

Facebragging-woman-builds-friends-character-1I was going to post some thought-provoking, deeply insightful comments about something I noticed in Matthew 26 during my Bible reading this week. Honest I was. Then I made the mistake of cruising through my Facebook feed, and I found this gem, shared by my brother-in-law. It’s just too good to pass up.

Please note that the “blog” featured here isn’t real. LarkNews.com made it up to prove a point… and a good point it is. In fact, the rest of their blog is pretty funny too. I recommend it.


Know anyone like this? Could it be me? Now I feel compelled to go back through my Facebook posts and see if I’m guilty. Yikes!

My original post for today has been rescheduled for next week. See you then.

(not) God

It’s amazing what you can find online. CNN picked up this story that first appeared on thesmokinggun.com:

Why would anyone tattoo “God” on their forehead? I can only assume that she considered it a label. She thinks she is God. That’s a pretty common New Age belief—see this post at SpiritLibrary for just one example.

As doctrinally correct Christians, we would recoil at proclaiming ourselves God. Or even god. We know better, right?

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We Think We’re So Smart

We think we’re so smart. Everyone is an expert on something, and we’re eager to share our expertise. (I’m no exception—witness my two blogs!)

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” —Lord Kelvin, British mathematician and physicist, president of the British Royal Society, 1895.

I’ve been reading Ephesians lately, and this morning one verse popped out at me. Paul wrote, “Be completely humble….” (Eph. 4:2). Yeah, right.

“If excessive smoking actually plays a role in the production of lung cancer, it seems to be a minor one.” —W.C. Heuper, National Cancer Institute, 1954.

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English 121: Resolving Ambivalence


Yay! I convinced my son-in-law Jeremy to write another guest post for me. Have you experienced anything similar in your school, now or in the past?

Jeremy writes:

Nothing is worse than having to sit through a class you cannot stand, as an unfair professor can make your life a living hell. But now that an entire season has passed and I’ve had ample time to recover and even procrastinate, I feel the need to follow up on something. Several months ago I wrote a short, satirical essay [College: Where You’re Liberal or You’re Wrong] about my first college class, and how it turned out to be a waste because my professor, Mr. R, was a hypocritical bigot.

Although much of the same abuse which I discussed in that paper persisted for the remainder of the class, eventually Mr. R and I found some common ground and slowly developed a mutual respect for one another. Considering his attitude towards me and my beliefs, the fact that the two of us were ever able to see somewhat eye-to-eye is actually rather remarkable, so I (driven by the gentle, yet persistent, persuasion of my lovely mother-in-law) felt it would be good to share a little bit about how that came to be. The following is a random assortment of our exchanges which brought us to our somewhat common ground.

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