Old-Fashioned Sauerbraten

With cold weather upon us, it’s time for some hearty main dishes that can stoke those internal fires. This German version of pot roast will warm your insides, guaranteed.

We really like this recipe! I make it for Grandpa Holzmann when he comes to visit. In fact, we have several friends who ask for this whenever they come to stay with us. It makes a great company meal. You can use a cheaper cut of beef, and most of the work is done ahead of time so you can enjoy your guests. The hardest part is finding room in the refrigerator to marinate the meat for several days.

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How to Grow a Houseplant

spider-plant_home_20090908_lah_0280“Mom, can you fix it?”

My college freshman was looking at me with a dejected, mournful expression. She was holding the spider plant I had sent to school with her. It looked awful. Wilted, brown leaves hung limply over the edge of the plastic pot. There were no signs of life.

“Well, that one looks kind of done, but I can give you another one. I’ve got plenty of spider plants. What happened?”

The story unfolded… it was below freezing outside, but the heat in the dorms was turned way up. Suffocating in her room, she’d opened the window a crack. No one thought to move the plant on the windowsill. Unfortunately, spider plants aren’t equipped to survive six degree drafts. The poor plant had frozen during the night.

As I potted up another victim, er, spider plant for my daughter, I realized that while our house is full of greenery, I’d never taught our kids how to care for any of it. Here today, and for the next two Fridays, is how to grow a houseplant.

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