Baking Soda and Vinegar?

How many times have I seen statements or headlines like these?

Of course, we all want a cheap, non-toxic way to clean the house, but is baking soda and vinegar the answer? I put on my science hat and dug in.

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Old-Fashioned Sauerbraten

With cold weather upon us, it’s time for some hearty main dishes that can stoke those internal fires. This German version of pot roast will warm your insides, guaranteed.

We really like this recipe! I make it for Grandpa Holzmann when he comes to visit. In fact, we have several friends who ask for this whenever they come to stay with us. It makes a great company meal. You can use a cheaper cut of beef, and most of the work is done ahead of time so you can enjoy your guests. The hardest part is finding room in the refrigerator to marinate the meat for several days.

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