As Easy as Apple Pie

20131221_162652My husband, Pete, loves apples. His formative years spent in the apple country of upstate New York left a lasting mark on him. He eats at least an apple a day, preferably a crisp, tart McIntosh. Even better, he loves apples baked into a pie. I’m not talking about a mere platonic relationship here. This is true love. He really enjoys a towering slice of deep-dish apple pie.

On the other hand, I am allergic to apples. Eating even one bite causes me severe digestive distress, to put it politely. So of course we up and married each other.

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App Happy

With the thousands of apps available it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Which ones are helpful? Which ones are a waste of money? You can look at the ratings and read the comments, but that doesn’t help you if you’re not sure which apps to search for in the first place. With that thought in mind, here are three random but wonderful apps I’d hate to be without.

Our Groceries
For years, Pete and I had a system for grocery shopping. I’d keep a running list of what we needed at the market, stuck onto the fridge with a magnet. Then whoever was going shopping would simply grab the list and take it with them. Low tech, simple, no problem, right? It all worked perfectly until we began losing the lists. Maybe it’s impending senility, or maybe we just have a lot on our minds, but we’d go off without the list, or we’d leave it somewhere en route. Then we’d buy the wrong things, of forget essentials. Since Pete does most of our shopping (he works in town, while I’d have to make a special trip), I was getting aggravated and he was feeling frustrated.

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Vintage Friendships

1977-mikepetedave-pyramidWe looked like a bunch of middle-aged geezers, heading out to the local park. Fair enough—that’s what we are. As college roommates and best friends in the mid-70’s, we’ve been around for quite a while. For the most part, while we’ve kept in touch somewhat, we hadn’t seen one another in ages. Pete and I live in Colorado, Dave lives in Portland, and Corinne and Mike are an hour apart near Seattle. And while we had sworn that we’d always be friends, life has a way of distracting you from your best intentions.

I had been anticipating this reunion for weeks, as soon as I found out I’d be accompanying my sweetie on his business trip to Portland. Now, at last, we had all converged on Corinne’s house for the weekend, and here we were—all together again.

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